Sew Your Kibbe Challenge

The Kibbe system is a new concept which I have been introduced to through an amazing series of blogs on the subject by Dr T Designs.

At a simple level it is choosing garment styles to complement body shape and facial features with four major categories – Dramatic, Romantic, Classic and Gamine – although there are also sub-categories of these four types. There are tests which you can do to identify which category you fall into. I suspected I was a classic and sure enough the test reinforced that belief with some leanings towards dramatic.

Dr T Designs has now set up a challenge whereby you look at your existing wardrobe through new eyes and add 12 me made pieces based on your particular Kibbe type. I love that this is a challenge rather than a competition and that if forces you to focus on the type of garments you should be making for your body type rather than going off into flights of fancy and ending up with garments that never see the light of day. I also love that there is a real ‘community’ feel to this challenge bringing sewists together, sharing ideas and working on the same project.

Despite time constraints due to other sewing commitments, with this challenge in mind I have begun planning what I would like to make and have been putting together a Pinterest board of inspirations and pattern ideas. The 12 garments should in a way comprise a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Dr T makes suggestions of how to go about this but so far I have come up with the following plan:

  • 2 x jackets
  • 1 x skirt
  • 3 x trousers
  • 1 x dress
  • 2 x tops
  • 1 x blouse
  • 1 x coat (I feel a coat should squeeze in there somewhere)
  • The last one could be another skirt, dress or top

To be honest I’m not even sure I will get round to making the full 12 and my ‘capsule wardrobe’ might be reduced to 6 garments.

My lifestyle has changed over the last year or so and I now work out of home so I do not need so many ‘office appropriate’ outfits. Most of my makes will therefore be at Level 1 (casual) with some Level 2 (more formal) but unless I’m suddenly invited to a wedding no intentional Level 3. I do know fabric choice could elevate a Level 1 to a Level 3, for example, by making a jacket in a velvet or brocade which could also even move it into the realms of dramatic but at this stage I do not have plans for that to occur. Although I have an overlocker I do not use it to sew a lot of knits so I might need to venture into that area.

What I really liked about Dr T’s series of blogs was the extensive use of pattern illustrations to suit the various Kibbe types. The visual referencing made it so much easier to understand the system. When I saw the classic jacket and blouse patterns I could not believe how many I already owned or had on my to sew list. However with the skirts and dress patterns I tended towards the Dramatic Classic. To make it more manageable I’ve decided to break the planning down and I intend to do three short blogs highlighting possible pattern and fabric options as follows:


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