Sew Your Kibbe: Dresses, Blouses and Tops

In my third and final post on plans for the Sew Your Kibbe challenge hosted by Dr T Designs  I am going to discuss ideas for dresses, blouses and tops. I covered jackets and coats in my first post here and skirts and trousers in the second one here.


Should always be elegant, with smooth shapes, softly tailored styling, and slim widths. Waist emphasis should be understated (narrow, elegant belts or ties). Shirtwaists, tailored wraps, soft sheaths, smooth knits, and belted coat dresses are all good.

Avoid: Sharply tailored styles, flouncy styles with ornate detail, oversized and wide styles.

To be honest I don’t wear dresses that often and when it comes down to it there is only one style of dress that I particularly like and that is a shirt dress.  Shirt dresses can come in various silhouettes.  I think a true Kibbe classic shirt dress would be more tailored, perhaps with princess lines, but I prefer a more casual looking shirt dress, either one made in two parts with a bodice attached to a flared skirt or else the elongated shirt type usually worn with a belt that can often double up as a tunic. 

I bought a medium weight stripey fabric in a sale last year with the intention of sewing McCalls M7623 View D.  However I’m now persuaded that I would prefer to make Butterick 6640 View C with short sleeves and the tie feature.  I feel this is a very versatile pattern which reflects the shirt dress styles that are currently so popular.  Now I know these look very good on tall, skinny models but might have a tendency to look granny on anybody else.  So we’ll wait and see! 


The Kibbe guidelines for classic blouses are:

Smooth tailored styles (elegant silks and soft cottons).

Avoid: Flouncy or frilly styles. Unconstructed styles.

I do like a classic shirt style and Burdastyle have a wealth of beautiful shirt and blouse designs to choose from.  Here are a selection I am considering.  I guess some of the ones with gathers would cross over into the Kibbe soft classic sphere.  However I keep reading that long gathered sleeves are going to be a trend this year so I would be on point!




Smooth knits. Moderate weight. Ribbed or softly textured.  

Avoid: Oversized and baggy sweaters, clingy knits, nubby or roughly textured knits.

Despite having an overlocker I don’t sew knit fabrics that much but I have been thinking that I ought to start making my own jersey tops as they would be so quick to run up.

Burdastyle 12/2017 111 has appealed for a while now.  I know it has a lot of flounces and so I would restrict it to just those on the raglan seams but even so I expect that feature would move the jumper into the Kibbe soft classic category.

That completes my round up of ideas and plans for Sew Your Kibbe and now I have just got to start working on them.  Writing these blogs has helped focus my mind and I think I have actually finalised 6 garments I am going to make to create a basic mini capsule wardrobe.  Unfortunately because of ongoing current sewing projects I won’t be able to really get going on these ideas until June but the challenge is year long and so my Sew Your Kibbe will be very much a project for the second half of the year.


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