#Makenine 2020


I’ve read about the #Makenine challenge for a while now but have mainly been introduced to it through reading the interesting posts on the topic by the Steely Seamstress.  The challenge sounds a good way of adding focus to creating items by limiting it to just nine things.  Sometimes there are just so many ideas floating around in the brain that it can all become overwhelming just like that stash of fabric always lurking in the background.  This seems a good way to tackle both the ideas and reduce the stash by planning a fairly achievable number although the challenge in no way puts pressure on to complete all nine articles either.  It also seems a very popular challenge with the online community because of its flexibility.  Items can be sewn or knitted.  These can be garments for yourself, your friends, your family or items for your home and crafting.

So with this in mind and I have put together the following nine items based solely on patterns and fabric that I already have in the stash and this is in no way a ‘capsule’ wardrobe.  I’m sure some of the things will be able to be worn together but others are designed to go with items already in my wardrobe or are purely stand alone.

Black Trousers – I’ve had a remnant of back fabric bought a while ago with the intention of making a plain pencil skirt but in reality I wear trousers more. So I have been wondering if I can squeeze a pair of trousers out of a metre of fabric. I only want a fairly basic pair of ever day flat fronted trousers and I remembered some I had seen in Burdastyle 01/2012 style 122.  They are fairly hidden away in a very small photograph in the magazine but surprisingly they are the topic for the in depth sewing course in that issue which means lots of instructions and diagrams.


Jacket – I’ve actually got a length of speckled black and grey jersey which could be used for making a jacket.  I purchased this with the intention of creating a biker jacket but for some reason I just cannot get on with biker jackets so I am looking at a more casual slightly tailored design.  I really like style 116 in Burdastyle 05/2009 but I’m not sure if it is too boxy plus it is sized for extra tall so I would need to check the back length to waist measurement.  I also realised it is fully lined whereas I was thinking unlined or half lined.  So I am still ruminating on this one.


Sweater – I picked up some mustard knit fabric that has a slight sparkle to it in December last year – I think with a Christmas sweater in mind! Despite having an overlock machine I don’t work with stretch fabrics that often so this will make a change for me. I just want a basic sweater similar in style to a Uniqlo RTW one I already own.  I’ve got my eye on style 118 in Burdastyle 12/2019 or Simplicity 8529 which, although I’m trying to avoid new purchases, could be a good buy as it has useful pattern variations.

Dress – Shirtdresses are the only style of dress that I enjoy wearing and so I am very happy that they are in fashion right now as it also means there are a multitude of patterns out there.  Vogue V9371 captured my interest when it was released last year because I find some sleeveless shirtdresses a bit too cutaway on the armhole and so the slightly extended shoulder line of View F is particularly appealing.  The shaped sash like belt also adds a small touch of flamboyance and I already have a length of spotted mustard fabric perfect for this style.


Seventies’ Blouse – I think one of my aims for the year is to make and wear more garments made from vintage patterns.  I’ve actually got Style 2949 from 1970 already cut out and ready to go in some suitably retro looking brown patterned fabric and am particularly excited about this project.


Cargo Skirt – I haven’t made any skirts for a while now yet at one time they used to be the one thing that I continually made.  The cargo style skirt in Burdastyle 2/2018  has some nice detailing but I also like the wrap skirt in January 2020 Knipmode.  I’m still prevaricating on the fabric. I was hoping to use up some fawn needlecord but as I would like to wear the skirt in summer this may be too warm.  Beige or khaki drill does keep coming to mind but I so want to diminish my stack of fabric and not go out buying some more fabric!

Drawstring Trousers – These fulfil the need for some lightweight summer trousers and I have some lovely striped linen in the stash suitable for them.  There are lots of paperbag type trouser patterns out there but I will probably use M2004 in My Image 20 Magazine.

Knitted Hat – I wanted to include a knitted project but knew if I chose something too large it would be a challenge for me to complete within the time framework.  I always start off with a flourish but then get bored and put the project away sometimes for as long as two years.  Therefore I’m going to use Sirdar pattern 9060 for a cabled chunky knit beret as I do like knitting cables and I feel a hat is fairly achievable in my terms!!


Wild Card – This could be another vintage garment, a more flamboyant outfit or maybe something ambitious such as a coat.  Who knows???

So that’s the plan but in reality I’m hoping that if I manage to get four or five of these completed amongst all the other projects I’ll undoubtedly end up working on it will be a success.



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